Masungi Georeserve - BARAS, RIZAL

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A georeserve turned into a tourism attraction in Rizal province.

The Masungi Georeserve is a conservation area and a rustic rock garden tucked in the rainforests of Rizal. Masungi’s name is derived from the word “masungki” which translates to “spiked” - an apt description for the sprawling limestone landscape found within.

In this sanctuary, guests will be able to commune with nature, and reenergise themselves while doing so. Wander through our pathways for an encounter with wildlife and plant species. Enjoy light snacks before exiting the trail. Learn more about the history of the place introducing you to a community rich with heritage and life.

How to get there

Route 1 via Cogeo
From Cubao or Marikina (Sta. Lucia area), ride a van or jeepney going to Cogeo Gate 2 Padilla.
Get off at Gate 2 near the market and from there, ride a jeepney bound to Sampaloc via Marcos Highway in Tanay.
This is a long and scenic route on a zigzag road. You will pass through Masinag, Cogeo, Boso-Boso Resort, Palo Alto and Garden Cottages.
Get down at Garden Cottages on the RIGHT side of the highway or Km 47.

Route 2 Via Tanay
Coming from Metro Manila, go to the transport terminal in Starmall in the corner of Shaw Boulevard and EDSA or in EDSA Central Crossing near Unilever.
You can ride a van, bus or jeepney going to Tanay Public Market.

From the Tanay Public Market, charter a tricycle to take you to Garden Cottages.

Alternatively, you can hire a trike up to the Sampaloc junction. There are jeepneys going to Antipolo/Cogeo that will pass by Kilometer 47 Masungi entrance.

Masungi Georeserve

Address: Kilometer 47, Marcos Highway, Baras, Rizal, Philippines, 1970
Contact Numbers: +63 929 13 23 531, +63 995 186 99 11 (8:00 am-5:00 pm, Mon - Sat)
Email Address:
Facebook: Masungi Georeserve
Instagram: @masungigeoreserve



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