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Take a fresh air from this mountain near Manila.

Itinerary by Anthony Aquino Estacio

1pm to 2:30pm

πŸ“Cubao to Tungko. 
Take a bus boarding to Tungko/SM Fairview. Pakisabi nalang kay manong konduktor na sa Tungko ka bababa ha haha. (P55 AC bus fare)

2:30pm - 3:10 pm

πŸ“Tungko to Licao- Licao.
Hanapin ang jeep terminal sa likod ng BDO Tungko. Then, sumakay ng jeep na may Licao-Licao na signboard. Dun ka po mismo bababa sa Licao-Licao terminal (P27 jeep fare)

3:10pm - 3:25pm

πŸ“Licao-Licao to 1st registration area.
You may ride a trike ppuntang 1st registration area (Brgy. Hall) or you may take a 30-minute walk going there. (P30/pax trike fare; P20, 1st regristration fee; P10, 2nd registration fee.. Madadaan lang ang 2nd reg. area sa trail)

3:25pm - 4:05pm

πŸ“1st registration area > 2nd registration area > MT. Balagbag summit!!! 
In just 30 mins to 1 hr (depende sa bilis mo), mararating at masasaksihan mo na ang napakandang summit ng Mt. Balagbag! Woooohh mapapa #iFeelSoFree ka bes!!! Haha

6:00 pm- Head Back 😊


✍️Madali yung trail, good for beginners, derederecho lang ang rampa haha. No need for a tour guide. πŸ˜‰

✍️Sa mga Bulakenyos jan, makakasave po kayo ng 1 oras na byahe.

SM marilao > Ride a jeep going to Muzon (CSJDM) > From muzon sakay lang ng jeep pa-Tungko > Ride a jeep to licao licao.

✍️Last trip ng jeep from licao licao to tungko ay 6:00 pm. So better maabutan mo sya pagbaba mo.. In my experience, late na kami nakababa huhu, swerte lang namin at may naabutan pa kaming jeep haha. Ayon kay manong driver, kung marami pa ang aahon sa bayan, extended hanggang 8pm ang last trip especially every weekend πŸ‘

✍️Pede po magovernight! Best experience daw pag gabi ang overlooking ng manila city lights πŸ˜™

✍️Pede din magsidetrip sa mga falls na malapit sa bundok

✍️ For me, the best time na makarating sa summit is before or during sunset. Picture perfect! Haha πŸ“Έ

✍️ Budget:

P110 - bus roundtrip cubao - tungko
P54 - jeep roundtrip tungko - licao licao
P30 - trike to 1st reg. area (brgy. Hall)
P20 - 1st registration fee
P10 - 2nd registration fee

Total : P224 πŸ‘Œ
P.s. magbaon ng food to save more money haha
Enjoy your hike!! 😊😊😊

Mt. Balabag

San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan & Rodriguez, Rizal



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